Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Old Nokia 3210 and wot I wrote with it

There was talk at my work about the old Nokia 3210 mobile phone the other day and how it's still in demand because of it's simplicity, clear menus and controls not to mention it's super long battery life!

Back in the early 00's I also wanted one very badly, but for a completely different reason! You see it was the first (and one of the only) mobile phones that you could compose your own ring tones for and because back then I was even more into writing music for games than I am now I was incredibly excited when I finally got one....and did nothing with it for months!

That was mainly because I'm not much of an outdoors person so I'm nearly always near a computer and therefore didn't need a mobile composing tool.

However, when I finally ended a relationship with an old GF back in May 2001 I found myself stuck at Kidderminster Railway Station at about 11pm at night with an old guy who'd had a bit too much to drink. While he snored gently in the corner of the shelter I decided to have a go at writing something on my phone to pass the time.

Now the 3210 only allows you to write monotone ring tones, before the days of polyphonic and MIDI enabled phones, so the following recording isn't from the phone itself but is rather a remix I did using a chip pack and Impulse Tracker a few days after writing the original.

Still it's turned out to be one of my more popular tunes over the years and in some ways I'm sad I no longer have the phone itself (In fact I have no idea at all where it went!)

Here we are then, I present: "Twiddle!"


  1. I've been searching for more of your music for years. I downloaded twiddle from Mod Archive back in the day and I have always loved this tune. Thanks you for making cool music.

  2. Hey Curb, thanks for visiting and double thanks for commenting!

    Lovely to hear that you enjoyed Twiddle, it was always one of my favorites :)

    Btw, I added some more old tunes today (from the year 2001) which are in the "Portfolio - Old Tunes" section of the site as well as my top picks from them if you're interested.