Portfolio - Main

First off why not watch this video I created based on Valve Software's Team Fortress 2 and featuring an original song by myself:

Ok it's not professional standard, it was completely for fun and it only represents a small cross section of what I'm good at. If you hire me I can promise I won't do any more singing...unless of course what you're after is singing like that.

Main Demo

Click on a tune to play it. These are also available for download from the dropdown arrow when a tune is playing. More examples are coming soon.


Per Minute of music (any style that I do): $55

If you are considering hiring me please contact me asap so we can discuss the project and so that I can do the proper research as well as arrange the required time to complete the work.

Previous Work:

I've written tunes for quite a few older games which are unfortunately not available any more, however more recently I've written the soundtracks to:

The Machine

Puzzle simulation game which required a series of quite catchy tunes because they'd probably get repeated a lot! Click here for more details

Pioneer - A Space Adventure

Which admittedly was a game I wrote myself a few years ago. I set myself quite an ambitious target for the soundtrack and it ended up with over 25 separate tunes! Unfortunately the game is no longer available, however the soundtrack can be found here.