Sunday, 26 September 2010

Music and the Machine

Something I've been up to recently (and by recently I mean almost the whole of the last 12 months) is being part of the BumpkinBrothers Duo, which so far has turned out two iphone apps and one PC game. Not bad in a year I reckon.

One of my main duties is to create the music for these wonderful creations and I've been working on the menu music for the afforemention PC game The Machine, before it goes on sale on Impulse (oh yeah!) I'd written two pieces for it so far, one we've used for the main in-game music and one we've decided to not use for the game at all! This time we needed something for the menu so I could go a bit more melodic (I didn't want to distract attention from the game in the previous tunes I wrote but here it didn't matter so much)

After a few false starts (about 10 of them!) I finally came up with something I liked the sound of. Whether or not it really fits will be aparant when we start using it and seeing how it transitions between the two tunes which, although use the same drum set and rhythm devices are otherwise a bit different!

So here it is:

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