About Me

Here's a bunch of interesting boring standard facts about me!

Personal (but not too personal)

Hey well thanks for reading this, hopefully you've enjoyed the music I've made so far. It's always wonderful to hear from anyone who has liked my work so please feel free to email me or comment on the bloggy page.

I'm a huge PC gamer and buy far more games than I can possibly play. My favorite games from the last year or so are: Portal 2, Mass Effect 2, Spacechem, Final Fantasy 13 (although I still prefer earlier iterations of this series I did like the title theme), VVVVVV, Super Meat Boy, Civilization 5 and Minecraft (of course.) So quite a mix.

Music History:

GCSE and A-Level music qualifications
Grade 7 Violinist

1996 - started playing with Fast Tracker 2
1997 - played Crusader No Remorse and found that many famous "trackers" had written the music to it (very excited!)
1998 to 2003 - active demo scene musician, writing music for many demos and competitions (demo parties attended: LTP 2000, The Gathering 2002.) I wrote well over 200 tunes during this time, some of which I am posting to this site.
2004 - 2009 - Decided to spend time doing other stuff (game coding, websites) to broaden personal horizons
2010 -  Back into music production, wrote music for Untiy Indie Game "The Machine"

Musical Likes:

Two Steps from Hell - classical/film music composers. Especially loved their "Heart of Courage" song that was used in the Mass Effect 2 trailers. The whole "Invincible" album was great through.

Alexander Brandon - one of my musical heroes. He wrote a large number of tunes for the original Unreal/UT games.

Christophe Héral - for his work on "Beyond Good And Evil", just fantastic piano work. I recommned "Home Sweet Home"

Laura Shigihara - of "Plants Vs Zombies" fame. The music trailer for that is obviously fantastic and the game probably wouldn't have done quite as well without her. Check out her Melolune music too, very pleasant.


Renoise 2
(Impulse Tracker for tracked music)
Garritan Personal Orchestra
A Violin!
A Keyboard!
An Accordion (well, I borrow one from time to time!)
A guitar (still learning this, I need a better one!)