Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tribloos 2 music progress

Work progresses well on the Tribloos 2 sound track. I've got about 7mins 30secs worth after a week and a bit across 6 separate tunes (one of which still needs some work.) Rather than going for a few long tunes I've decided to go for lots of different short (about 1 min) tunes that go better with the varying scenery. Therefore I've still got another 10/15 tunes to write before I'm done which feels like quite a lot! But I'll be getting the first Beta of the game out before then anyway so that I'm not completely drowning in music! So, here's one of the tunes I've been working on, a remix of an old chip tune I wrote but now in orchestral form:
Hopefully more to come next week!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Back and with a (virtual) guitar

Well since last posting a lot has been happening!

We've been looking after our new baby boy which has, unfortunately, removed most of my time for making music for fun (sad face!)

But I just wanted to report that I'm back on the horse tracker and even bought a new VST! Wow, that's only taken me two years...

It's called "Real Guitar" which I'm sure many people will have heard of and it's working out very nicely so far. I've been in need of a good guitar VST for years really and this fits the bill as it handles chords, strumming and even has input facilities for Guitar Hero game controllers! Must get me one of those now...

Much easier than learning guitar (which I just don't have time for these days.)

Also I've had a few people buy my albums on bandcamp recently to which I say: THANK YOU!

Can't stress this enough, and to have it bought at more than the $1 asking prices makes it even more amazing.

Thank you again and again guys!

So what am I working on now? I'm in music making mode for my latest game: Tribloos 2 coming to PC/Mac within the next few months as well as our other Bumpkin Brothers game "Ian Fell In The Machine"...coming to iPhone within the next few months!

In the process however I've been coming up with "offcuts" that don't really fit the games but I really like anyway. I'm hoping to turn these into independent tunes that I put up on youtube (not done this yet - scary!) and possibly bandcamp again for those that just want the music files.

Thanks again for visiting, hoping to have some exciting stuff to show very soon.