Thursday, 26 May 2011

Did I mention Swings and Rounderbouts?

Which was recently added to my main demo?

Check out track 5 on the main demo page! It features me doing some violining "live" y'know.

I actually created this quite a long time ago (probably almost 10 years ago!) So it also uses Buzz Tracker which I was really into at the time. I took this tune to "The Gathering 2002" and entered the music contest there where I came...probably last if I remember correctly!

In my defence it was the only song with a melody and I was against 20 trance tunes, needless to say I should have listened to the previous years entries to see what style I should have written instead!

Anyway I quite like it, it has a haunted quality about it so let me know what you think!

Monday, 23 May 2011

I've Been Listening To: Invincible (Two Steps From Hell)

Time for a short review while I pause to gather up my creative juices for my next stint at the keyboard. Today I'll be talking about the album "Invincible" from Two Steps From Hell.

Obviously this isn't my normal thing so I'll hide my ramblings after one of these "jump" things...

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Tell Me A Story Mr Tribloo?

I love music that you can relate to a really good story. I think that's why I like the Final Fantasy sound tracks so much.

I've been posting at a few forums recently in order to drum up some interest in my music services. I've had quite a few visitors but no enquiries yet. That's fine to be honest, I'm still working pretty hard on my latest game, The Tribloos over at Bumpkin HQ.

So for the game I've been working on the storyboards that take you through the "world" transitions. Yesterday evening however I just couldn't figure out how the next storyboard should go so instead decided to fire up all my music stuff and just mess around. As usual because I wasn't trying to force creativity something came of it all and my new storyboard tune was created!

And here it is (no download link though because I want to use this for my own project!)

Monday, 9 May 2011

More tunes added!

I've updated the Old Tunes section with ones I wrote from the year 2001 now. I've also started mentioning which my favorites are if you're interested!

In other news I'll be advertising my services on other sites soon, I've had a bit of interest but nothing concrete yet. Looking forward to my first new composing project.

Also, I entered the Ludum Dare #20 (or 48, whichever it was) last weekend with a game called "Fish With Weapon"  for which I've had some very encouraging comments about the music! Whey!