Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tribloos 2 music progress

Work progresses well on the Tribloos 2 sound track. I've got about 7mins 30secs worth after a week and a bit across 6 separate tunes (one of which still needs some work.) Rather than going for a few long tunes I've decided to go for lots of different short (about 1 min) tunes that go better with the varying scenery. Therefore I've still got another 10/15 tunes to write before I'm done which feels like quite a lot! But I'll be getting the first Beta of the game out before then anyway so that I'm not completely drowning in music! So, here's one of the tunes I've been working on, a remix of an old chip tune I wrote but now in orchestral form:
Hopefully more to come next week!

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