Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Tell Me A Story Mr Tribloo?

I love music that you can relate to a really good story. I think that's why I like the Final Fantasy sound tracks so much.

I've been posting at a few forums recently in order to drum up some interest in my music services. I've had quite a few visitors but no enquiries yet. That's fine to be honest, I'm still working pretty hard on my latest game, The Tribloos over at Bumpkin HQ.

So for the game I've been working on the storyboards that take you through the "world" transitions. Yesterday evening however I just couldn't figure out how the next storyboard should go so instead decided to fire up all my music stuff and just mess around. As usual because I wasn't trying to force creativity something came of it all and my new storyboard tune was created!

And here it is (no download link though because I want to use this for my own project!)

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