Sunday, 20 March 2011

Dipping my toe into the murky waters of BandCamp

Since I've used BandCamp in the past to buy music I thought I would give it a try for selling music!

Rather than go to the trouble of writing a brand new album (I actually do have something in the long-term works) I decided to release a couple of game soundtracks I've written over the last few years just to preview the difficulty in getting noticed on BandCamp.

Well a few hours after putting the sound tracks on there I had....1 partial play and a skipped play! Hmmm, so not that easy eh? I guess there's no change there, it's all about how you sell yourself and how much effort you feel you can put into marketing. Which, for me, isn't much when it comes to music!

Anyway, it looks pretty neat on there so that's a plus at least. And you never know, I may earn a dollar! Wooooo....

Now I'm going to try out their player on this blog. Lets see how this works out:

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