Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Potato Man!

For our work at BumpkinLabs I am required to write musical background pieces that reflect the mood and style of the game.

Generally I ignore the requirements and write what I feel like, like this:


  1. Haha.. found today your new blog :) Cool to hear again some new pieces of music :) Hopefully you decide to make classic scenemusic again too at some point again ;)

    Any plans for reopening the old compo you had once?

    Greetings from Austria


  2. Ello! Yeah I'm still trying to write stuff.

    I love making classic scene music, that very unique synthy/samply mix from the old days of using Impulse tracker really is something special still. But there just isn't that much call for it these days and I more often than not get asked for orchestral stuff instead.

    That said, I have been playing with chip samples again recently :D

    Again I'd love to do the compo again, that was so much fun. I wonder what happened to everyone else from back then...

    There is, however, the SoundDevotion compo which is being run by the original organisers of Groovy Comp! Might be worth checking out as it's pretty much the same premise!

    Thanks for the support btw :)